Threading is one of the most popular hair removal methods in Asia,
and also it has recently become very popular in the US.
In threading, a thin cotton thread is used, then twisted.
Then it is rolled over area of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level.
Long lasting, No chemicals.


«Full Face»
•Simple course ¥4,800
•Basic course ¥5,600
•Regular course ¥6,800
•Special course ¥8,500


•Eyebrow ¥2,600
•Eyebrow & Upper Lip ¥3,800
•Eyebrow & Forehead ¥3,800
•Eyebrow & Sideburn ¥3,800
•Upper Lips ¥2,400
•Forehead ¥2,400
•Cheek ¥2,600
•Sideburn ¥2,400
•Jaw ¥2,400



A  facial  is  a  procedere  involving  a  variety  of  skin treatments ,  including  steam,  exfoliation,
iontphoresis(vitamin C or fresh collagen),  cream,  lotions,  facial masks,  and  massage.



•Basic course ¥3,800
•Special course ¥4,800


Repeat customer service is available for both threading and facial menu.
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